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Bernese Mountain Dogs - Females

We tend to grow out some of our puppies that we feel have potential for breeding or showing. Sometimes we do not get all the girls out to show although they may have qualities that we hope they can contribute to our breeding program. Our girls, like our males, also have their hips/elbows x-rayed, have their eyes checked, and are genetically clear of vWD.

Sometimes after breeding a female once we may decide not to breed her again as we found that she had a hard time delivering pups, or just did not produce what we were hoping she might produce.

We have had some outstanding mothers here who have produced some great longevity, type, and super personalities. If I were to go back into the history of our dogs, I would state that our AM. CH. Santera Chastity v Bev’s produced some very nice dogs. She was a BMDCA top producer. Her granddaughter, AM. CH. Santera Harmony v Crest, also was a very good producer but she had very small litters and never had but a few males. Harmony’s daughters, Santera Tob Melody Noel, and Santera Changing Tempo were the next ones that gave us a lot of quality with both longevity and type. I ended up placing Melody on a co-ownership as a puppy so only got a few offspring here from her.

One of Melody’s contributions to our breeding program was our AM. CH. Santera Punkianna v Crest. Punky was the dam of our Santera Exclusive Premiere who gave us some very nice females. Santera Changing Tempo, Tempi, gave us our Santera Ria Remembrance (Remi) producer. Remi’s pups were not only typey but had super personalities. They were very people orientated and loved to be around their owners.

We were very pleased with the offspring of our Santera Kyrie’s Prelude, Kyrie, a granddaughter of Remi. Tavi, a Kyrie son, produced a lovely champion female who added a lot to another kennel that used him. Kenzee, a daughter of Kyrie, also added some nice sound females to our breeding program.

Santera Jubilee Diamond, a daughter of our Belgium import and Kenzee, helped us get back to natural breeding grils who also free whelped. We had lost some of that when we linebred to lines from Norway that we had here. Lizzie (born 2012) is out of Journey who was a DM carrier of SOD A. Becuase Lizzie was a carrier of DM SOD A (clear of DM SOD B), I only have one daugher of hers here as all the pups that I tested from her that showed a lof of promise came out a carrier also. Since it is difficult to clear dogs of DM SOD A, I decided not to keep any carriers here. I finally got a female, Santera Kateel's Country Pride, who is her daughter who cleared all of her clearances and hope to breed her in 2019.

Santera Jadaluck v Crest, a female that went back to Mikaluck, a nice nice girl, and her mother Tempi that showed much health and logevity, also proved to be an easy breeder and a free whelper. Jada was a big girl in regards to the size of most of my grils and produced some very nice offspring. One of her daughters, Ziva, who is owned by a friend has 10 points - both majors - and has produced a litter out of our Storm, Lewa's Windstrom v Santera, who goes back to our Jettee, a son of Yadi and Turina. Because Jada had nice size litters and sound puppies, I did keep several of her daughters here - Santera Shonaluck v Crest (who had a litter out of Storm in the spring of 2018), Santera Kiraluck v Crest who was bred to Venture in 2019, and Santera Jordeeluck v Crest who is not yet two years old.

If the girls do not produce good healthy dogs, we do not continue to use them in our breeding program.

Santera Classical Memory v Firestorm

Santera Classical Memory v Firestorm - Memory is a lovely female who has proven to be an exceptional mother. She is a sound girl who has never been shown, but she is quite nice structurally and in moving. She is OFA certified with good hips/normal elbows, genetically normal on DM SOD A
and DM SOD B, genetically clear of vWD, and her eyes are also registered
with OFA as normal. She has 2 litters to date which she has whelped
naturally (9 in the first litter).

kira bernese mountain dog

Santera Kiraluck v Crest

Santera Kiraluck v Crest - We hope to breed Kira (b. 2015) in 2018.  She is another one of Jada and Beckham's daughters.  She is a little darker in color than Shona as she does not have as much white on her feet but she is another one who wants to please.  She is also genetically normal of DM SOD A and DM SOD B.  Eyes have been eyes checked and are registered with OFA.  Her background consists of dogs who were genetically clear of vWD.  Her hips are OFA good and her elbows were normal at one year in prelim done for OFA.  We have kept more than one daughter of Jada since Jada was an easy breeder and whelped naturally.  

kateel bernese mountain dog

Santera Kateel's Country Pride

Santera Kateel's Country Pride - Kateel is a lovely female although a little smaller than my other girls. She reminds me so much of my AM. CH. Santera Lucka v Crest. The judges used to tell me as they gave me my winners ribbon that they wishes she had just a touch more size. I did show Kateel and she took a Reserve at a major show her first time out. The next time I showed her she got frightened of the indoor fans that were hanging from the ceiling and I just could not get her to get them out of her mind at the show site. I did show her at Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club Match where she did take Best Adult. She is still young so I may still take her a little more. She is very typey and has all her health clearances. Daughter of Lizze and Beckham.
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