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Bernese Mountain Dogs - Males

We x-ray all our dogs hips/elbows at a year and again at two years. The males we use in our breeding program have had their eyes CERFed and are also genetically clear of vWD (a blood clotting disorder). They are also normal for DM SOD A and DM SOD B. 

We generally do not offer our dogs at stud until we have proven them and found out what traits they might be producing. For the most part our studs are for our own use but we do sometimes let others use them if they have the same clearances as the males and are of sound temperament and structure.


Lewa's Windstorm v Santera

Lewa's Windstorm v Santera - (b. 2014) Storm is a lovely boy with great temperament and type. We bought him as a baby from Lewa Kennels as his dam is a daughter of our beloved Santera Northwind Grandeur (Jettee). Storm is genetically clear of vWD.  His eyes have been checked by a specialist.  His hips are OFA good. At a year both his elbows were normal but at 2 years he came back with one elbow grade one. Both his parents have hip/elbow numbers as does 2 of his full litter sisters. He is normal on both DM SOD A and DM SOD B. Storm has produced 2 litters thus far and both have had some lovely pups in them. We kept one pup from our Shona that we call Memory.   

venture bernese mountain dog

Szeryf z Deikowej Doliny

Szeryf z Deikowej Doliny - Venture will be 3 years old on Oct. 4, 2019.  We brought him over from a breeder in Poland who we have known for a number of years.  We really liked her dogs so sat and watched till she had a litter we were very interested in. Venture came from a large litter (9 of them were boys) so I felt we could get something nice from those numbers and the parents that were producing them. He arrived when he was 4 months old and came out of the crate the same way as he lives life. He loves everyone and yet he is sensitive and responds well when asked to not do something.

He has done well on his health clearances. He is genetically tested normal on DM SOD A and DM SOD B.  He has had his eyes checked and is registered with OFA. He was genetically tested for vWD and came back normal. His prelims on his OFA hips are good and  his OFA prelim on his elbows are normal.

We have shown him on a limited basis as he is a big boy and I cannot handle him as I have difficulty reaching his rear to stack him.  He does have 5 points (one 4 point major) with limited showing.  We are just playing around with him at the shows right now just so he knows what it all means but don't expect him to be fully mature until he is at least 3-4 years of age. We do hope to breed him to Kira in the near future. We have just bred him to Kira and also to another Beckham/Jada daughter, Ziva, who has 10 points, both her majors and all her clearances.  (2019). 
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