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Tibetan Spaniels

Dogs in our current breeding/showing program:
Males   Females:
Santera Star Gazer (7 points - 1 major)   AM. GR. CH. Santera Yuna's Dream
Santera Midnight Juble   Santera Summer Magic (8 points - 1 major)
Santera Heritage of Sanjima (8 points - 1 major)   Santera Rema Yuku Lee
Santera Sitt Ka   Santera Song of Joy
Santera Kadoo's Dreamer   Santera Dazzling Tinsel
AM. CH. Santera Quinn's Dreamer    
AM. GR. CH. Santera Grandee Memory    
Santera Noble Scandian    
Santera Touch the Stars    



Dogs that are retired or from our history:    
Males   Females:
AM. CH. Santera Link Of Bangles   Bev’s Le Fei Dom v BB
AM. CH. Santera Keeper Of The Light   AM. CH. Santera Ken Ra Lee
AM. CH. Santera Ken Yuki   Santera Kes Sa Lee ROM
AM. CH. Santera Sham Ra Lee   AM. CH. Santera Miss Nes Ka
AM. CH. Santera Yo Gee Nes Ka   Santera Kircee ROM
AM. CH. Santera Bo Dee   Santera Sharmaluck
Santera Time For A Party   AM. CH. Santera Linka's Pixee
AM. CH. Santera Playing For Keeps   AM. CH. Santera High Society
Santera Kudo's To Yoda   Santera Trikeeper of Tsand ROM
AM. CH. Santera Tri Jed Di   Ingefal’s Ecstasy
AM. CH. Santera Playing To The Ritz   Santera Epic Cadence
AM. CH. Santera Jovial Sim Ba   Santera Raindrop of Wyemede
Santera Triad Celebration (12 points)   Santera Grandee Moca
Santera Mundee Rules   Santera Poetry In Motion
AM. CH. Santera Nevado Royale   Ingefal’s Fame to Santera
    Santera Summer Breeze (12 points - 1 major)
    Santera Playing It Up
    Santera Gametime Dominique
    Santera Classic Mercedes
    Santera Blissful Gemini 9 points (both majors)
    AM. CH. Santera China Marionette
    AM. CH. Santera Sedona's Savanna
    Santera Memorable Echo
    Santera Oriental Patrice
    AM. CH. Santera Paislee Czarina
    Santera Paislee's Regaletta
    Santera Regal Jetta (2 points)


Santera Star Gazer

Santera Star Gazer - Ky, born in 2020, was a coronavirus puppy so I was not able to get him out till he was about 20 months old. He has 8 points - one major. He is a very well balanced boy with good movement, a lovely head, and nice bone. His dogs in his pedigree have been tested normal for PRA 3.

Santera Midnight Juble

Santera Midnight Juble - b. 2017- Juble is a black, tan, with white markings. He has lovely bone and has a good disposition. His sister, Santera Regal Jetta, produced well for us. Neither of them got out much due to covid. In 2022, we bred our first litter from Juble producing two lovely girls, Santera Dream Come True and Santera Dream On, which I hope to show later this year. We have just bred Juble a second time (2024) to Santera Rema Yuku Lee. The litter is due June 2024.

Santera Heritage of Sanjima

Santera Heritage of Sanjima - b.2017. Wonka is a smaller boy with a lovely deep red coat which he produces in his offspring. He has 8 points - one major in limited showing. He has a great head expression. He has produced some lovely puppies in his litters out of our Yuna. He is tested clear of PRA 3.  He has also had his eyes examined and registered with OFA. 

Santera Sitt Ka

Santera Sitt Ka - Born in 2014, Sitka comes from a very old pedigree with a lot of Finnish bloodlines coming from both his sire and his dam.  He is a nice size boy with good bone and coat.  He comes from PRA 3 tested bloodlines and his eyes have been checked and registered with OFA.  He has produced one litter at the age of 7 as I had not used him before.  He produced a lovely litter with nice personality and type.

Santera Kadoo's Dreamer

Santera Kadoo's Dreamer - (b. 2020) Kadoo is a very nice young male who has yet to be shown due to the coronavirus and my ability to get him out and about when he was a little younger. He is a happy young boy with good coat (light reddish in color), excellent bone, good attitude, and nice movment.

Santera Quinn's Dreamer

AM. CH. Santera Quinn's Dreamer - (b. 2021) Quito is Kadoo's little brother. He is a deeper color red with black highlights....lovely color. He has a very alert expression and loves to show. He was first shown at the 2021 National where he did well for his first experience. He took it all in stride. He went to Potomac Tibetan Spaniel Club and took a major reserve from the puppy class. His first time at an all breed showing in classes he won ended up with 2 points. He loves to cuddle at ringside while he is waiting to go into the ring. Neat boy!!!!

Quito has been shown only on a limited basis. After his major reserve from puppy class at Potomac Valley Tibetan Spaniel Club he continued to do well with another Reserve at PVTSC when he was almost 2 years old, another 4 point major reserve at Non-Sporting Group Show in April 2023, and another 5 point major reserve at the supported entry the day after the PVTSC. He completed his championship during the Blue-Gray Cluster in PA in 2024 with his 3rd major. The next day his first time in the Specials ring he won Breed over 8 other Specials. What a way to finish! I will still take him out to some local shows as he loves to show.


AM. GR. CH. Santera Yuna's Dream

AM. GR. CH. Santera Yuna's Dream - (b. 2018) Yuna was always a delight to show. She completed her championship with 3 five point majors. She finished very quickly and then completed her Grand championship very easily also. She is a very sound female with a lovely attitude. Once covid hit, I decided to breed her to Wonka. She produced a very nice litter- two of the littermates I kept here (Kadoo and Joya). Kadoo ended up a light reddish color and Joya is a deep red. In her second litter which was a repeat of the first I got Quito (Santera Quinn's Dreamer). His litter brothers were very nice also but went to pet homes. I kept Quito's sister, Rema, here. She is very different from Joya but also nice. I hope to bring out Yuna to a couple of Specialties if the location is good for me.

Santera Summer Magic

Santera Summer Magic - (b. 2020) Pepsi is a lively little red girl with white markings who loves to show and then just sit in your lap. She has only been to a few shows just so she knew what they were all about. She has a lovely head and a great attitude. She has had one litter sire by Sitka. Will be fun to watch them grow up.

I started showing Pepsi in 2024 after her 2nd litter which produced our lovely Santera Dazzling Tinsel out of our Sitka who doubles up on the Finnish bloodlines we imported (CH. Santera Jovial Sim Ba and Ingefal's Fame to Santera). She has picked up 8 points with one major in limited showing. She moves around the ring like a dream. A very proud little girl and lots of fun to show.


AM. GR. CH. Santera Grandee Memory

AM. GR. CH. Santera Grandee Memory - (b. 2014) Grandee is a great little showman who has enjoyed completing his championship at 14 months.  We did not really start showing him until he was about 9 months old so he did this quickly.  He earned one 5 point major by going Best of Breed over 4 specials the weekend before he completed his championship.  A week after he completed his championship he went to the TSCA National and made the final cut of 12 out of 44 male champions.  We seldom Special our dogs but are going to keep him out for a while. 

Santera Noble Scandian

Santera Noble Scandian - Noble is a light red male who has produced one litter thus far.  He has not been shown but has a nice temperament and good coat with nice head expression.  His son, Santera Grandee Memory, born in March of 2014, has 9 points with one major in limited showing at just 13 months.  Noble is a son of our AM. CH. Santera Nevado Royale and AM. CH. Santera Sedona's Savanna.

Santera Rema Yuku Lee

Santera Rema Yuku Lee - Rema, born 2021, is a very sound female – sable in color. She produced a litter in 2023 out of Santera Star Gazer with several very nice pups. We kept Santera Touch the Stars here (male). In 2024, she was bred to Santera Midnight Juble and produced a litter of 3 girls. Rema is a full sister to CH. Santera Quinn's Dreamer - better known as Quito.

Santera Touch the Stars

Santera Touch the Stars (b. 2023) - Kelce is a very sound Tibbie with good coat, bone, and movement. His first time out was the National in VA in 2024. He won the Bred By Class of 3. He only showed at one other show that weekend as we felt we needed to work with him more on the table. He was 17 months old at the 2024 National.

Santera Song of Joy

Santera Song of Joy (b. 2020) - Joya is a lovely girl who is a deep red with lovely coat, bone, and movement. She is a full sister to Santera Kadoo's Dreamer and an older sister to Santera Rema Yuku Lee and CH. Santera Quinn's Dreamer. She has never been shown as she was a covid puppy. She has produced one litter of 2 very nice young girls out of our Santera Midnight Juble (his first litter). I hope to show her one daughter, Santera Dream Come True, in the fall of 2024.

Santera Dazzling Tinsel

Santera Dazzling Tinsel - Tinsel (b. 2022) is out of some very old bloodlines which also double up on both sides of her pedigree to both my Finnish imports I brought in from Finland. She is a very balanced girl with great attitude. She went to her first show (PVTSC Specialty) when she was just 7 months old and acted like a real trooper. I had hoped to take her to the National in 2024 but I accidently cut her ear when I was grooming her.

Her dam is our Santera Summer Magic (8 pts - 1 major) and her sire is Santera Sitt Ka who is nearly 10 years old. He has never been shown but is a lovely dog with a sweet personality. His father, Mundee, is out of our Ingefal's Fame to Santera and our tri CH. Santera Tri Jed Di. Mundee produced 2 champions – one being our CH. Santera Nevado Royale.

Dogs that are retired or from our history:

Bev’s Le Fei Dom v BB

Bev’s Le Fei Dom v BB (pointed), our Kee Lee, was our first Tibetan Spaniel that we acquired. At the same time we acquired Kee Lee, the Jeffery’s acquired AM. ENG. CH. Kensing Rusk. When we decided to breed, we used Rusk on Kee Lee. The first litter produced only one pup which we decided to keep ourselves since we were so attached to her (AM. CH. Santera Ken Ra Lee). We repeated the litter and kept Santera Kes Sa Lee ROM from the second litter. We did breed Kee Lee several more times but let the puppies go to pet homes since we just did not have room for more dogs at the time. Kee Lee was a good producer and her pups had great personalities and have lived long lives as she did. She was a little over 15 years old when we lost her. She will always be part of our lives.



CH. Santera Ken Ra Lee

AM. CH. Santera Ken Ra Lee - Kena, was a beautiful female. She loved people and had a great attitude for showing. She was a lovely color with a great body and movement. Our daughter, Tracy, showed Kena to her championship. One of her wins was a 5 pt. major with a supported entry from the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America. We only bred Kena two times. The first time she was bred to CH. Phylmarko Shan Hu. She produced five puppies (1 female and 4 males). We kept one of her sons, AM. CH. Santera Ken Yuki, from that litter. The second time we bred her to a parti-color male that we had bought and she had 4 males. We kept AM. CH. Santera Ken Sham Ra from that litter. Kena had the most perfect personality. She accepted whatever came her way and was a loving companion. She died here at home right before her 16th birthday.



Santera Kes Sa Lee ROM

Santera Kes Sa Lee ROM (pointed) - Kessa, was Kena's younger sister. She was a little higher on leg that Kena and slower to develop. We did not get her out early to show so when we did, she decided that it was not her favorite thing to do. She did gather 9 points before we decided that we would not pursue her show career. We bred her 3 times only and every time to AM. CH. Santera Ken Yuki, her nephew. She had smaller litters that most of our Tibbies with only 2 in the first litter, 3 in the second, and 3 in the third. I would imagine that we could have finished all of the pups if we had kept them here to show. In the first litter we kept AM. CH. Santera Miss Nes Ka. Her litter sister went to a home where she was later bred and produced several champions. In the second litter we sold 2 boys to show homes that both finished. In the third litter, we kept AM. CH. Santera Yo Gee Nes Ka (Yogi). Kessa, like her dam and sister, lived a long healthy life. She died right after her 16th birthday.


AM. CH. Santera Ken Yuki


AM. CH. Santera Ken Yuki - Yuki, was first shown by my daughter, Tracy. My husband, Norb, ended up finishing him. He was only bred 4 times - 3 times to Kessa. One could definitely tell that his pups were related. He and Kessa produced 4 champions. The pups from his 4th litter were never shown, but could have also done well in the show ring. He retired to live with my daughter Tracy and her husband. Yuki died right before his 15th birthday. What a love he was....



AM. CH. Santera Miss Nes Ka

AM. CH. Santera Miss Nes Ka - Missy, was originally called Mischief as a baby but soon outgrew her nickname. One could not ask for a better pet. She loves all the other dogs, cats, kids, or whatever comes her way. Once when I had 15 setter pups in a litter, I let her supplement 3 of the really tiny babies for about a week. She just let us put them in with her pups, who were older and about the same size at the time, and took care of them. My daughter, Niki, finished Missy’s championship with some nice wins. Missy produced some lovely pups, 2 sons from CH. Jemari Jeb Stuart were shown and finished their championship. One of those boy, Tumbleweed, also was the first Tibbie in the world to get his Tracking title. With our daughters growing up we really did not keep many of Missy’s pups to show. We did repeat the litter with CH. Jemari Jeb Stuart and kept a female here, Santera Kircee, who was a little slower to develop like her granddam. We did gather 6 points on her before we bred her. We lost our dear sweet Missy at age 15. She continues in her granddaughter, Pixee, who looks so much like her.


AM. CH. Santera Sham Ra Lee

AM. CH. Santera Sham Ra Lee - Sham, was born about the same time as Missy. He was the second son of Kena that we kept. We used to send Niki to the ring with a dog crate and the two Tibbies (Missy & Sham). We often would have to be at the setter ring or the berner ring and would come to the Tibbie ring as soon as possible. Niki did a great job with the Tibbies. She won 5 pts. on Sham at the supported entry up at the Wine Country Shows with him. We used Sham for limited breeding and he did produce 2 champions, one our AM. CH. Santera Bo Dee, and a second to a family that had bred him to a Kee Lee / Phylmarko Shan-Hu daughter.


AM. CH. Santera Yo Gee Nes Ka

AM. CH. Santera Yo Gee Nes Ka - Yogi, was Missy’s little brother. He was in one of the last litters that we produced here while my youngest daughter, Niki, was still home. She decided that he had to stay here. He was quite a little showman and picked up his first major at his first show when he was 6 months old. He was only bred once and then he retired to my daughter Tracy’s home where he lived with his father, Yuki.



AM. CH. Santera Bo Dee

AM. CH. Santera Bo Dee - Bo Dee, was a male we kept from a daughter of Kee Lee and Shan-Hu. The owners wanted to breed her so we did the breeding and kept Bo Dee. We used Sham, a Kena son, as the sire. Bo Dee was a beautiful young boy and could have finished much earlier but we were showing Yogi at the time and then my youngest daughter went off to college. I really don’t get out too often to show my Tibbies myself. My girls used to do that. One day I had Bo Dee in the show and he took a major so I was determined that I was going to go ahead and finish him. He was the first Tibbie I had finished myself. I bred Bo Dee to Kircee. I should have kept one of his daughters but let her go to a home where I thought she would be shown. I then bred him to Ziggy, a little female I had obtained to hopefully breed him to. One of those puppies has just finished her championship. Bo Dee is now 11.5 years old and still really a sweet boy.


Santera Kircee ROM

Santera Kircee ROM - Kircee, is a parti color female who has produced some nice pups for us. We kept two from her litter here that we hope to use to continue our bloodline (Bangles and Pixee). She was bred to CH. Krisala’s Connection to Flolin. Her son, AM. CH. Santera Link of Bangles, had no problem finishing his championship. Pixee, he sister, is quite a showman herself. We finished her championship in April of 2005. We bred Kircee one last time to Ch. Tibroke’s Nothin’ Left To Imagine. We co-own one of her daughters, Emma (AM. CH. Santera High Society), with our daughter-in-law, Mary Novocin. Since 3 of Kircee’s offspring have now finished, she has qualified for ROM from the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America as her grandmother, Kessa, did.



Santera Sharmaluck

Santera Sharmaluck - Sharma, is out of a pretty female (Ziggy) that we got from Linda Foiles. We just have not had the opportunity to get Sharma out to show her. One of her sisters finished her championship. She has a very interesting pedigree which is a blend of some very old dogs and the addition of some interesting imports.

AM. CH. Santera Link Of Bangles

AM. CH. Santera Link Of Bangles - Bangles, is an excellent moving boy with nice bone and coat. He has a lovely disposition and loves to show. We have had a great time showing him . He finished his championship at 15 months. We hope to have a lot of fun with him!!!! He has several nice offspring from our Santera Trikeeper of Tsand ROM. His son, AM. CH. Santera Tri Jed Di, is one of our favorites. He is a beautiful tri with a fantastic attitude and personality.



AM. CH. Santera Linka's Pixee

AM. CH. Santera Linka’s Pixee - Pixee is Bangles' sister. She is a delight to show. She just seems to say "Let's go." She reminds me so much of her grandmother, AM. CH. Santera Miss Nes Ka, in the show ring. She also is an excellent moving female with a great little body on her.


Santera Trikeeper of Tsand ROM

Santera Trikeeper of Tsand ROM - Keeper, is a very sweet girl who I bought for my husband after we lost our old Kee Lee. He very much missed having our tri Tibbie around the house. Keeper is certainly a great dog. She is a tri color female who seems to think she was trained for the circus. Anyone who has been to our house is always amazed at how she loves to walk on her back two legs. We have not shown Keeper often but we did breed her to AM. CH. Santera Link of Bangles and they produced some lovely puppies. Three of the pups were tri-colored, one parti-colored, one sable, and one solid. We kept the tri-colored male who we name Santera Tri Jed Di. What a lovely dog he is in both temperament and type. It is difficult for some judges to see this color of dog in the show ring. We then bred her to an import from Finland, CH. Ingefal’s Lilla LeJonet. From that litter we kept two males who easily finished their championship - CH. Santera Playing For Keeps and CH. Santera Keeper of the Light. Keeper also has qualified as a Top Producer with 3 champion sons.


AM. CH. Santera High Society

AM. CH. Santera High Society - Emma is co-owned with our daughter-in-law, Mary Novocin . She is a lovely little girl who was shown only on a limited basis but finished quite quickly at 14 months. She loves to show and has a great deal of type and attitude. We hope to breed her on her next cycle to our tri-colored male, AM. CH. Santera Tri Jed Di.

Santera Time for a Party

Santera Time for a Party - Teco is a young male who will be a year old in November 2007.  He has reddish tan markings on his body. His facial markings are very symmetrical. He has good bone and great movement.  His personality is much like his Jedi, his sire. He would rather be with us than anywhere else. 

Santera Poetry In Motion

Santera Poetry In Motion - Sonnet, a daughter of our Jedi and AM. CH. Santera High Society, is a lovely tri colored Tibbie with lots of attitude. Her brother, Austin, is a champion. Sonnet has 6 pts. as of 9/08.  She is the dam of our Santera Epic Cadence, a tri color like her mom.  When Sonnet was bred to Player, AM. CH. Santera Playing For Keeps, she produced 6 pups - three were tri color and three were sable.  We have been taking turns showing both Sonnet and Eppie.


Ingefal’s Fame to Santera

Ingefal’s Fame to Santera - Mari came to Santera from Ingefal Kennels in Finland when she was about 10 weeks old. We had used CH. Ingefal’s Lilla LeJonet on one of our females and produced a beautiful litter so when we were in Finland we talked with Ingefal Kennels about importing a little girl out of Ziestan’s Little Fiona, a breeding they were just about to do. We were hoping to get a nice little girl here that we could breed our male champions to.
Mari is a lovely little red sable female with a lot of angles, coat, and attitude. She is a sweet girl and we hope to have a lot of fun with her in the show ring in 2007.


AM. CH. Santera Playing For Keeps

AM. CH. Santera Playing For Keeps - Player, a sweet young male who was born in Feb. 2004, is a son of Ch. Ingelfal’s Lilla LeJonet and our Santera Trikeeper of Tsand ROM. He has a great personality and loves to get out in the show ring. He has a lot of type and soundness with a lovely dark face and excellent head expression. He is a great little mover. In very limited showing, Player picked up both his majors in April 2005 and finished his championship in July 2005.

Santera Kudo's To Yoda

Santera Kudo's To Yoda, Kudo to us, is a sound typey boy who is a neat combination of both his mother, Santera Raindrop of Wyemede, and his sire, AM CH. Santera Keeper of the Light. He was born in April 2006 and will be attending his first shows in the fall of 2007. He also has a great personality and loves everybody. We hope to have fun showing him.

CH. Santera Tri Jed Di

AM. CH. Santera Tri Jed Di - Jedi, is a great little dog. He loves to show and is enthralled with everyone he meets. We had a little trouble with some judges preferring the lighter colored Tibbies when we first brought him out in 2003. We showed him only on a limited basis his first year. Once April of 2004 arrived we decided it was time to start showing him seriously to see how he could do. In May 2004 he started on a roll and from May 17 to June 6, 2004, he won both his majors and won every time shown except twice (got a major reserve and won his class the other two times). He finished his championship by winning a major and going Best of Breed over Specials.

Santera Blissful Gemini

Santera Blissful Gemini- Gemini, a full sister to Sedona, is very much like her sister.  She is a happy girl with a great attitude.  She never had been shown till she was 2.5 years and went into the ring as if she had always been shown.   She now has 9 points (June 2012) with very limited showing with both majors. 

Santera Raindrop of Wyemede

Santera Raindrop of Wyemede - Rainy is a sweet girl who has a very interesting pedigree. She combines some of our older bloodlines to some newer lines we have used. Her grandmother is a sister to the sire of our AM. CH. Santera Keeper of the Light and AM. CH. Santera Playing for Keeps. Since her dam is tri-colored, it will be interesting to see what color factors she produces when she is bred. We hope to show her later in the fall of 2006.

Ingefal’s Ecstasy

Ingefal’s Ecstasy - Nappi came to us from Ingefal’s Kennel as a four year old. She was bred in Finland before she arrived here in the states. She is a parti colored female whose sire is a black and tan male. Nappi has an outstanding temperament. She will do whatever you wish and loves people. If she comes back and is in condition by the fall of 2007, we may try to get her out and show her here in the states.

Santera Grandee Moca

Santera Grandee Moca - Moca is an independent little girl who is full of life. She looks much like her half sister, Pixee. We have only shown Moca a few times as she often likes to let her tail drop when we come to the judge to stand for the final stand. Of course, the standard says when standing the tibbies tail can be down but most judges don’t want to see that when they are looking at the dog even if Moca seems to think it is okay. Moca is a lovely moving girl with a nice head and coat and overall very sound. She loves people and enjoys doing what she wants to do.

AM. CH. Santera Keeper Of The Light

AM. CH. Santera Keeper Of The Light - Yoda, a brother to Player, also exhibits a lot of type and soundness. He has a little heavier coat with a little shorter leg. The heads of the two boys are very much alike. Both carry that dark dark face that their sire has. Yoda placed twice over male specials in Feb. 2005 to pick up both his majors. Both boys are extremely nice not only in type and movement, but also, in temperament. Yoda finished his championship in October 2005.

Santera Epic Cadence

Santera Epic Cadence- Eppie is a lovely daughter of our Player and Sonnet. She is a black and tan with white markings and had 3 in her litter that were of the same markings.  She has 6 points in limited showing by 22 months. We hope to start to campaign her in the summer and fall of 2008

Santera Playing It Up

Santera Playing It Up - Kelpy is a red sable daughter of our Pixee and Player.  She is a very typey little girl who carries a heavy coat and what we would describe as a red sable. She is a sweet girl who will sit in your lap for hours so needs a little more training to get used to the dog show world.  She is now lead trained and table trained but still needs more practice in new situations. She will be a year old in September 2008.


Santera Summer Breeze

Santera Summer Breeze- Breezee is a spirited little cream coated female who loves everyone and everything. She is a half sister to Sonnet with Emma, AM. CH. Santera High Society, as her mother, and a half sister to our AM. CH. Santera Linka’s Pixee, with Link being her sire.  She has been in a couple of shows and won several classes. Breezee took off 2009 to have a litter of pups sired by Santera Kudos To Yoda. We kept one show female puppy here from that litter who we call Whisper. Breezee now (May 2010) has 11 points including one major. 

Santera Gametime Dominique

Santera Gametime Dominique - Dominique is a light colored girl with good bone and nice substance.  She has a beautiful head with lovely eyes. She is a softer tempered girl but one that learns and works with you. She is was born in October 2007.

AM. CH. Santera Playing To The Ritz

AM. CH. Santera Playing To The Ritz- Mingo is a lovely red male with nice bone and great movement.  Born in 2008, he was a beautiful puppy we hoped to finish quickly but at his first show another Tibetan Spaniel attacked him in the arms of my husband and he got very nervous at the show.  He still moved around nicely but barked at everything thinking that another dog was going to eat him up.  I pulled him from the show ring for a year and finally brought him out at the 2010 National where I put him in Open Class. He ended up 3rd. I now feel that I can get him out and about and hope to finish his championship this year if I can find majors.  He still hasn't been at an outside show so that could be interesting too.  He is the only son of Player we have here so he is important to our breeding program.  Mingo has been shown only a limited number of times since March 2010 and now has 7 points (both majors by May 2010). 


Santera Classic Mercedes

Santera Classic Mercedes - Mercedes is a red little female with lovely movement. She is out of our Mari, an import from Finland, who is also a lovely red female.  She was born 12/08 and has taken several Reserves from the Puppy Class. She is still learning about dog shows.  She also likes to sit in your lap while you watch the dogs showing at the shows.


AM. CH. Santera Jovial Sim Ba

AM. CH. Santera Jovial Sim Ba, better known to us as Simba, is a young red male with white markings. He was born in Jan. 2007. He is a son of Nappi and bred by Ingefal Kennels in Finland. He was whelped here in the states. He is a very sound boy with a lot of personality. Simba picked up 9 points in limited showing. We hope to finish his championship in 2008.


AM. CH. Santera China Marionette

AM. CH. Santera China Marionette - China is the sister of Triad, born 8/08. She is a lovely cream colored girl who reminds us much of her our old AM. CH. Santera Miss Nes Ka. She has a beautiful head, bone, and coat, and is a very sweet girl who will sit in your lap for hours.


AM. CH. Santera Sedona's Savanna

AM. CH. Santera Sedona's Savanna - Sedona is lovely girl who completed her championship in just about one month (2012).  She ended up with 3 majors.  She is a sweet girl with lovely movement and type.  She is the first offspring of out AM. CH. Santera Jovial Sim Ba first litter (bred in Finland, but whelped in the US ) to complete a championship.  Her litter sister, Gemini, is very much like Sedona so we hope to get her ready to show soon. 



Santera Triad Celebration

Santera Triad Celebration - Triad was born in late August of 2008. He was quite unique for us as in almost 30 years of breeding we had never produced a tri parti.  We have shown Triad in several shows as a 9 mo. old puppy and he has picked up 9 points thus far. He is quite a sound boy with a temperament much like his parents.  He is always the gentleman, loves to show, and does whatever you ask of him.  We hope to have a lot of fun with him.  We also have his sister, China, here and hope to show her more in the fall. 


Santera Mundee Rules

Santera Mundee Rules - Mundee is the litter brother to Mercedes.  They are very much alike in color.  Both are red like their mother.  He is a smaller than most of males but is a very sound boy with nice bone, coat and movement.  He has only been in a few shows so he needs to get out .  We hope to show both Mingo and Mundee in 2010.  His mother is an import from Finland with his grandfather being an International Champion.


AM. CH. Santera Nevado Royale

AM. CH. Santera Nevado Royale - Kit (b. 2009) is a beautiful son of our Santera Mundee Rules and Santera Playing It Up, a daughter of our (AM. Ch. Santera Playing For Keeps and AM. Ch. Santera Pixee's Linka) . He is a result of a line breeding of Ingefal Kennels in Finland.  His grandmother is Mari (Ingefal's Fame to Santera) and was imported from Finland.  Kit is a nice size Tibbie with a sweet personality and a lovely head and coat.  He is also a very nice mover.  Kit comes from a litter of two tri's and has produced both parti's and tri's in his first 2 litters.  We just started showing him on a limited basis in 2012.  He finished his championship with 3 majors.



Santera Memorable Echo

Santera Memorable Echo - Echo, born in 2010, is a very sound and typey little girl.  She has nice bone and excellent movement and head but has a little less leg than some of our other girls.  We are planning to start showing her in 2015 as she is quite mature now and willing to work with us.  She is a love, but has her own agenda so has not been the easiest to train to show.  She has had one litter.  Her son, Grandee, that we kept is doing quite well in the show ring.  Her dam, Santera Summer Breeze, had 14 points-one major  - and her sire was our AM. CH. Santera Playing To The Ritz.


Santera Oriental Patrice

Santera Oriental Patrice - Patrice, born in 2012, is a pretty tri female out of our AM. CH. Santera Nevado Royale.  She is a petite girl with good bone and coat and great movement.  Her full brother, AM. CH. Santera Imperial Sun, lives in Texas and is producing well .  We hope to start showing her other brother, Santera Tia Shan (Taro) in 2015.


AM. CH. Santera Paislee Czarina

AM. CH. Santera Paislee Czarina- Phoebee is a lovely daughter of our Santera Cherished Gem who has produced several nice girls for us.  She is a beautiful parti girl who we co-own with Linda Foiles.  At her first show she was around 12 months old and she placed Reserve Winners Bitch at the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America Specialty.  She ended up winning BOS from the classes the same weekend at the supported entry.  She is the dam of AM. CH. Flolin Simbolic Jester who has produced 5 champions to date plus is a group placing special and also the dam of our pretty little Santera Paislee Regaletta.



Santera Paislee's Regaletta

Santera Paislee's Regaletta - Paislee born in 2012, is a deep orange and white parti.  She is a very sound girl with good bone, great head expression and movement, and fantastic attitude.  She does not have quite the size of her dam.  She is a daughter of our AM. CH. Santera Jovial Sim Ba who is an import from Finland and the lovely Phoebee, AM. Ch. Santera Paislee Czarina.  She is a full sister to Ch. Flolin Simbolic Jester, sire of 5 champions thus far and a group placing Tibbie.

Santera Regal Jetta

Santera Regal Jetta - (b. 2017) Jetta is a full sister to Juble (AM. CH. Santera Nevado Royale ex AM. CH. Santera Sedona Savanna). This was a repeat litter. I regretted not keeping a female from the first litter so I kept Jetta from the second litter. Noble is from the first litter and proved to be very nice and a good producer. Jetta was never shown until she was 4 years and proved to have a good personality in the show ring. She was only shown about 4 times and did go away with 2 points. She has been bred to two different sires- AM. GR. CH. Santera Grandee Memory and Santera Heritage of Sanjima.
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