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AM. CAN. CH. Santera Touch of Sage

AM. CAN. Ch. Santera Touch of Sage

Ch. Tapestry's Hue OFA DNA ISGR

BIS Ch. Meadowlark's Vindicator
Ch. Meadowlark's Intrepid
Ch. Meadowlark's Masterpiece
Ch. Meadowlark's Interlude
Meadowlark's Magical Mirage
BIS Shawnee Pipedream O'Charlton
Ch. Meadowlark's Moonlight Magic
Ch. Quinniver's Premiere
Ch. Rossans Raz-Ma-Taz
BIS Ch. Cloverleaf's Ascendant
Ch. Rossan Afternoon Delight
Rocherin Quinn
BIS Ch. Meadowlark's Anticipation
Rockherin Carrie
Santera Melodic Promise, OFA DNA ISGR
Am. Can. Ch. Santera Bold Lightning, OFA ISGR
Am. Can. Ch. Cabara's Brandy Gentleman
AM. CAN. Ch. Santera Tristan Troubadour
Wilson Farm Country Jubilee
Starpoint Sierra Rayna, OFA ISGR
BIS AM. CAN. Ch. Santera Tamberluck, CD OFA ISGR
Jela Elizabeth Irene, CD OFA ISGR
Santera Carrianna, OFA ISGR
Ch. Ramblin' Red Kildavan, OFA ISGR
Ch. Shawnee Pipedream O' Charlton
Ch. Ramblin' Red Glingael
Santera Limerick Lane Sally, OFA ISGR
BIS AM. CAN. Ch. Santera Tamberluck, CD OFA ISGR
Wilson Farm Santera Hope Diamond, OFA ISGR
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