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AM. CH. Santera High Society

AM. CH. Santera High Society
AM. CH. Tibroke's Nothin' Left to Imagine ROM
AM. CH. Tibroke's Ain't Seen Nothing Yet ROMX
AM. CH. Tibroke Northwood Nothin To It ROMX
AM. AM. CAN. CH. Helfor Nyima ROMX
AM. CH. Tibroke Northwood Dragonfly ROM
AM. CH. Tamzil Tibroke Brilliant Idea ROM
AM. CH. Alisan Cho-Sun of Stonybrook ROMX
AM. CH. Tibroke's Taffeta of Tamzil ROM
AM. CH. Tibroke's Imagine That
AM. CH. Tibroke Ambrier Chicago Fire ROMX
AM. CH. Wildhern Full of Fire ROMX
AM. CH. Tibroke Ambrier Rag Doll ROM
AM. CH. Tibroke's Loves Me Loves Me Not ROM
AM. CH. Bet'r Tibroke Trix of the Trade ROM
AM. CH. Tibroke's Glimpse of Stocking ROM
Santera Kircee ROM
AM. CH. Jemari Jeb Stuart
AM. CH. Kensing Pongo
ENG. CH. Tsingay Tango
ENG. CH. Kensing Glory Be
AM. CH. Zoundmaker of Zlazano
INT. Nordic CH. Zamovar of Zlazano
Zirikli of Zlanano
AM. CH. Santera Miss Nes Ka
AM. CH. Santera Ken Yuki
AM. CH. Phlymarko Shan-Hu
AM. CH. Santera Ken Ra Lee
Santera Kes Sa Lee ROM
ENG. AM. CH. Kensing Rusk
Bev's Le Fei Dom v BB
2022 Santera Kennel