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Santera Kadoo's Dreamer

Santera Kadoo's Dreamer
Santera Heritage of Sanjima
AM. GR. CH. Sanjima's Keep On Truckin'
AM. GR. CH. Namtrah Tanka Tough Truck
Aki Shima Chicago Gangster
AM. CH. Namtrah Divine Confection
AM. CH. Sanjima's Mystical Crystal of Akar
AM. CH. Namtrah Aki Shima Akar Sanjima
Aftan's Sweet Abigail Sunday
Santera Sophisticated Lady Sanjima
AM. CH. Santera Jovial Sim Ba (imported from Finland)
Necku Pelleprinssi
Ingefal's Ecstasy (imported from Finland)
AM. CH. Santera's Memorable Echo
AM. CH. Santera Playing To The Ritz
Santera Summer Breeze
AM. GR. CH. Santera Yuna's Dream
Santera Remo's Talisman
AM. GR. CH. Santera Grandee Memory
Santera Noble Scandian
AM. CH. Santera's Memorable Echo
AM. CH. Santera China Marionette
AM. CH. Santera Tri Jed Di
Infegal's Ecstasy (imported from Finland)
Santera Secret Mystic
Santera Noblee Scandian
AM. CH. Santera Nevado Royale
AM. CH. Santera Sedona's Savanna
Santera Forever Mysterious
Santera Mundee Rules
Santera Playing It Up
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